Daycare workers in Laval and Montreal are once again on strike on Thursday.

More than 1,200 CPE workers have walked off the job as they hold a one-day general assembly at the Palais des Congres to decide upon further strike action, leaving the parents of 3,000 children to make alternate childcare arrangements.

The striking workers will be discussing whether or not they should go on a general strike. They held two one-day strikes in April.

The daycare workers belong to the CSN union and have not had a contract since March 31, 2015.

Unlike most other daycares in the province, the CPEs that are part of the Provincial Employers Association of Daycares (APNCPE) did not ratify an agreement made last year between union workers and the Ministry of Families.

The main disagreement in their contract dispute is scheduling and when their employer can decide they are not needed to work for the day.

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