What does Ottawa Lawyer John E Summers have in common with Marcella Carby-Samuels and Lund University’s Dr. Professor David Tenenbaum? All three of these characters are linked to spreading a macabre and wicked plot started by Marcella Carby-Samuels against her very own mother and her brother.

It all began in January 2015 with a mischievous phone call made by Marcella Carby-Samuels to Ottawa Police Services against her brother which would end up in an attachment to an affidavit prepared by John E Summers with the lie that Raymond, Marcella’s brother, suffered from “mental illness”.

Such a fraudulent allegation would be used by Marcella with Horace, her abusive father to exploit racial profiling tendencies against “young black males” in the Ottawa Police to threaten Raymond with arrest. Such fraud was also used to prevent Raymond and his Mother from seeing each other since 12 June 2015.

Marcella and her husband Dr Professor David Tenenbaum are no stranger to lies and deception. Both of them concocted a plot to deceive Sweden’s Lund University that they were not married to each other, so that David who had recently become tenured could get his wife into his Geography Department so that he could then secretly support his wife’s PhD aspirations.

John E. Summers was eventually hired by his “clients” to then embellish lies claiming that Marcella’s brother “suffered from mental illness”.

Mr. Summers has pursued a cynical campaign of deception which has sought to cynically manipulate judical procedure and deceive the Court with the apparent objective to ensure that Raymond and his Mother never see each other again.

Who would pursue such a plot based upon Marcella’s “Axis of Deception” other than a lawyer lacking in integrity, ethics, human decency, and any sense of morality related to a respect to Mothers, motherhood and family values?

Marcella who purports to be Jewish has commited one of the highest sins in Judaism which is to “bear false witness” against Raymond’s dedicated support to his Mom which was recognized by Justice Patrick Smith’s Superior Court of Ontario ruling on 11 February 2016 that Raymond be allowed to see his Mom on a daily basis. This ruling has ever since been frustrated by Mr. Summers within Marcella’s web of public mischief, and cruelty.

The result of an Axis of Deception is that Dezrin, Raymond’s Mother who was wanted to see her son since 12 June 2015 can no longer walk, write or talk anymore. You might ask why? Well, Raymond had observed Horace, Marcella’s father, abusing Dezrin who is Raymond’s Mother.

Marcella and her father then concocted the fiction that Raymond suffered from “mental illness” to legitimate Ottawa Police Services evicting Raymond from his Mother’s home.

Problem was that Raymond had been looking after his Mom’s health and protecting her from an abusive husband. This was apparently of no concern to Marcella who has been living in Sweden with David, her husband.

When Raymond was evicted with the lies embellished by John E Summers, Dezrin was without protection from an abusive husband. Dezrin was refused access to seeing her son, and the social service agents who wanted to get her access to proper food by the “Axis of Deception”.

The result was that Dezrin having been isolated and her own home became a “Hell on Earth” for her thanks to Marcella Carby-Samuels and her “Axis of Deception” along with the on-going macabre activities of John E Summers who has shown a profound lack of integrity which ought to result in his disbarment.

On 24 March 2017, Justice MacLoed asked John Summers and an envoy from a religious organization to see Raymond’s Mom to re-confirm her desire to see her son. The Carby-Samuels / Tenenbaum “Axis of Deception” rejected Justice Macloed’s request which John Summers has sought to stand by.

We, the undersigned, deplore conditions that Dezrin has been subjected to by Marcella’s “Axis of Deception”, and John Summers which has resulted in Dezrin losing the ability to talk, walk, and write and her desire to see her son.

We, the undersigned, recognize that such blocked visitation access and related conditions constitute elder abuse, and demand that John E Summers respect his professional responsibility to uphold the ethical standard of the Law Society of Upper Canada and to ensure that Dezrin as a mentally capable human being be allowed to see who she wants free of any criminal interference or breaches of fundamental civil rights affirmed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by him and the axis of deception he represents.

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