Flirthookup.com: Top 15 Ways Ladies Flirt that Men Don’t Notice


Men aren’t always sure of how to interpret, or even notice the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways that ladies flirt. According to Askmen.com, research has shown that 90% of amorous relationships are initiated by the women, who use conscious and unconscious tricks to appear more attractive. 1. Eye contact She catches the eye of a man she likes. ...

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Xcheaters.com: Top 10 Cheaters in Sports History


Sportsmen don’t always play fair – both on and off the field. Here’s a little low-down on the off-field cheaters who have scandalised their fans with their between the sheets shenanigans! 1. Tiger Woods Of course, Tiger has to top our list. Apart from cheating on his hot wife with an equally hot lust-interest, he managed to entertain the world ...

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Xcheaters.com: Top 50 Songs about Cheating

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It happens all the time. It has inspired poems, books, and of course songs. We’re talking about cheating, and if you’re a cheater, one of these songsmay be about you! The songs run the full gamut of cheating – they’re about cheaters and they’re about being cheated on. They’re about temptation and sizzling affairs and they’re about jealousy and heartbreak. ...

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Flirthookup.com: Top 12 Ways to Flirt


Has someone caught your eye? Would you like to flirt with them? Here are 12 tips from lovetoknow.com. 1) Make eye contact – remember that it’s rude to stare! Just a second or two will do nicely. You want to be sexy, not creepy. 2) Share a private moment by winking playfully – don’t do this too often, people may ...

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Xmeeting.com: Top 10 Places to Meet Women


Meeting women can be pretty tough these days. Most people want to meet on online dating sites, but some still like to meet men the old fashioned way, face to face. Xmeeting.com has quite a few suggestions on places where you should meet women. 1. Do it yourself stores: Many women go to these stores when they need help with ...

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Xcheaters.com: Top 11 Reasons Women Take Cheaters Back


When a man cheats on a woman, it is usually a very complicated situation. There are many times when the woman takes back her cheating man though. Why do they do this? Shouldn’t they tell him to hit the road and never come back? It isn’t that easy for a lot of women, so here are the top 11 reasons ...

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Xmeeting.com: 7 Body Language Insights to Meet Ladies


Body language is very important when it comes to meeting ladies and keeping them around. Much of what we do around other people is based on body language. You can find out what a woman thinks of you by her body language, so why not give the ladies a way to read you based on your body language. Xmeeting.com presents ...

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Xmeeting.com: 5 Tips for Meeting Women at Night Clubs

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When you decide to meet a woman at a club or bar, there are some specifics to know. Xmeeting.com is a great site to meet women online and when you decide to meet them, make sure it is a public place like a night club or a bar. Here are 5 tips for meeting them at a night club. 1. ...

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Xmeeting.com: Top 6 Unexpected Places to Meet Women


A lot of men think that the only place to meet women is at a bar or a club. There are quite a few other places that you would never expect to meet them. Xmeeting.com has compiled a list of unexpected places that you can meet women. Some of these may really surprise you. 1. On a date: This sounds ...

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Flirthookup.com: Top 12 Ways Ladies Flirt that Men Don’t Notice

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Women like to flirt especially when they find a man that think is very attractive. There are many ways that they flirt and some of them men don’t even notice. Here are the top 12 ways that ladies flirt. 1. Body language: Women are very flirtatious and one of the ways that they flirt is through body language. Body language ...

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