RECIPE Cheesecake bites with Oat & Mill’s oatmeal “ice cream” on D is for Dinner


RECIPE Cheesecake bites with Oat & Mill’s oatmeal “ice cream” on D is for Dinner 10 SEPTEMBER, 2015 NEWS 3 Growing up, Candace Tierney faced a major dilemma: she was both lactose intolerant and addicted to ice cream. The 23-year-old entrepreneur used that dilemma, however, as the inspiration for her company Oat & Mill, which uses oatmeal as the basis for sweet, creamy ...

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cbc masthead logo Ottawa LIVEOttawaMore Streams Radio One Listen Live host picture HomeWorldCanadaPoliticsBusinessHealthArts & EntertainmentTechnology & ScienceTrendingWeather Video CanadaOttawa Photo Galleries Wright Street fire was intentionally set, say Gatineau police

Gatineau police have launched a criminal investigation into a major fire in Hull Friday night. Fire crews fought a fire in a mixed-use, three-storey building at 47 Wright Street for six hours before getting it under control early Saturday morning. Wright Street fire leaves 8 homeless in Gatineau Sunday, police said fire investigators have handed over control of the case to them ...

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McDonalds: As of April 1 Free Extra Pickle, Toppings, Ketchup, Mustard

Mcdonalds Sonic

McDonald’s  Japan unit has begun offering free extra toppings and sauce on its burgers. As of April 1 customers can request extra pickles, ketchup, onions, mustard and sauces on their sandwiches to a maximum of double the standard amount, according to McDonald’s Japan spokesman Takashi Hasegawa. He added that the company had been discussing the idea for a while and ...

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Revised Hip Hop National Anthem as envisioned by Lee Reed


We are completely overwhelmed and delighted to bring you the revised national anthem as envisioned by the hip hop artist Lee Reed. Basically, Lee Reed, the man behind this work, belongs to Hamilton, Ontario and is a veteran of the independent music scene. Since the past 20 years, Reed has been stomping stages and studios with his unique brand of ...

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March Spring Colder Than Ever, Weather Forecasters Say


It’s a bit disappointing news for the Canadians, who were hoping that March would bring relief from a frigid winter. According to the prediction by Environment Canada, even as spring approaches, cold weather across the parts of the country will be here for a while. The provinces which may feel the low temperature substantially  are Saskatchewan eastward-including Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec ...

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