Raptors Invite Fans to Playoff Party in the Square

TORONTO (CNW) — Fresh off the release of the team’s “We The North” campaign, the ...

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Raptors’ playoff tickets most expensive in league

(TORSTAR) — Toronto basketball fans are buzzing with anticipation as the Raptors’ first playoff game ...

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Tony Gonzalez

Dwayne Johnson impressed with Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks today received the respect of the legendary WWE star turned actor Dwayne ...

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Toronto Blue Jays: Org Filler (In) – Buffalo Bisons

With just under three weeks to go until the full season minor league schedules commences, ...

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Top 5 tips for selecting the right pet food

(NC) — Pet owners have long faced the conundrum of what to feed their pet. ...

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Burger king new chicken hamburger

Burger King’s new Big King Chicken Hamburger

According to Alex Macedo, president of the Miami-based company’s North American unit, Burger Kng is about ...

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KFC Fried Chicken

KFC launches $20 fried chicken corsages as promposal gifts

Innovation is on an all high, very foodily! KFC has launched fried chicken corsages, touting it ...

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Burger King Baby Reunited

Burger King Says It Isn’t Moving Into Crimea after Mcdonalds

Reports that Burger King is looking to open restaurants in Crimea now that McDonald’s has ...

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facebook nearby friends feature

Facebook adds new Nearby Friends feature

Users of the world’s largest social network can now find out who is around them. ...

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Microsoft Windows Apps

Microsoft unveils consolidated prices for Windows apps

Microsoft, has given some exclusive details by unveiling the consolidated and simplified price tiers for ...

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Microsoft Cloud Security

Microsoft boasts for enterprise cloud security

Online privacy is talk of the town. More importantly, it is the want of the ...

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Microsoft Hotmail

Microsoft Issues: Hotmail email probe, seeks to restore customer trust

Alex Kibkalo, a former Microsoft employee, is facing criminal prosecution for allegedly leaking pre-release Windows ...

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Research: major complications from diabetes on Heart and Stroke

There is some ray of sunshine in the midst of the diabetic darkness: Heart attacks, ...

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Hi Tech device cancer cells

‘Hi-Tech’ device that engineers cells to kill cancer

Biologists have discovered a new technology which modifies human cells to create therapeutics that travels ...

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Canadians welcome health care at home

(NC) — Most Canadians are ready to receive some of their health care through new ...

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Workers may be exposed to toxic metals in shop towels

(NC) A peer-reviewed study conducted by Gradient, a nationally recognized environmental and risk sciences firm, ...

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