Garden like a pro: tips for healthy gardening habits


(NC) — Developing a love of gardening can be a great way to plant the seed for a healthier lifestyle. The many benefits of a green thumb include consistent exercise, reduced stress and better mental health. In fact, a recent study conducted in Sweden found regular gardening can cut the risk of a heart attack and stroke and prolong life ...

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Be open to fresh air when indoors


(NC) — Clean air is essential for good health. As Canadians, we spend close to 90 per cent of our time inside, so the quality of our indoor air is particularly important. If you’re cleaning or tackling a home improvement project, you may be using products that contain chemicals that can be released into the air, such as cleaning products, ...

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Research: major complications from diabetes on Heart and Stroke


There is some ray of sunshine in the midst of the diabetic darkness: Heart attacks, strokes and other complications from the disease are finally plummeting. The heart attacks and strokes rates among diabetics fell by more than 60% over the last two decades, according to a new U.S. study. Moreover, the study also confirms reports of drastic declines in diabetes-related kidney ...

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‘Hi-Tech’ device that engineers cells to kill cancer

Hi Tech device cancer cells

Biologists have discovered a new technology which modifies human cells to create therapeutics that travels the body to selectively target and kill cancer cells without disrupting the healthy functions of the body. This study, published in the journal ACS Synthetic Biology, talks about technology which revolves around a protein biosensor that sits on the surface of a cell to sense ...

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Canadians welcome health care at home


(NC) — Most Canadians are ready to receive some of their health care through new technologies, such as telemedicine and videoconferencing, a new study suggests. The majority see benefits in the form of reduced travel times, faster access to care and reduced costs, according to the consulting firm PwC. Among the findings of the survey, 79 per cent of Canadians ...

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Workers may be exposed to toxic metals in shop towels


(NC) A peer-reviewed study conducted by Gradient, a nationally recognized environmental and risk sciences firm, shows that U.S. and Canadian manufacturing workers who use laundered shop towels may be exposed to lead and other metals. The study, published online in the October issue ofHuman and Ecological Risk Assessment, estimated worker exposure to 28 different metals, including lead, in laundered towels ...

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Give an extra helping to hungry families


(NC) Far too many Canadian kids go to bed hungry – but this spring we can all do something about it. Did you know that during an average month, 833,000 Canadians seek the help of a food bank, according to Food Banks Canada – and one-third of those are children? This year, however, make a difference by participating in the ...

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Role of salt in Heart and Stroke deaths

Heart And Stroke Salt

The London School of Medicine and Dentistry and Queen Mary University, London, researchers concede that  drop in salt intake is one of the  many factors resulting in the falling incidence of heart disease deaths. The decline, of 40 per cent in heart disease mortality between 2003 and 2011, is a major breakthrough. However, even if the 15 per cent reduction ...

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Anti-Aging: How To Revitalize Your Skin


Aging can negatively affect your body, health and skin. If you are looking for a solid solution to win the challenges of aging and to maintain a healthy and radiant skin, Dr. Oz recommends a powerful, safe and 100% natural anti-aging supplement. It is made from all natural ingredients. The best thing about this anti-aging pill is the presence of ...

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Dr. Oz Unveils The New Fountain of Youth


The use of products containing phtyoceramide is not new in certain parts of the world such as Japan. Recently, the world-famous health expert, Dr. Oz has unveiled a new and amazing anti-aging formula in the United States. This formula contains phytoceramides, which is a plant-based lipid molecule. It is an important element that plays a vital role in a healthy ...

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