Role of salt in Heart and Stroke deaths

Heart And Stroke Salt

The London School of Medicine and Dentistry and Queen Mary University, London, researchers concede that  drop in salt intake is one of the  many factors resulting in the falling incidence of heart disease deaths. The decline, of 40 per cent in heart disease mortality between 2003 and 2011, is a major breakthrough. However, even if the 15 per cent reduction ...

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Anti-Aging: How To Revitalize Your Skin


Aging can negatively affect your body, health and skin. If you are looking for a solid solution to win the challenges of aging and to maintain a healthy and radiant skin, Dr. Oz recommends a powerful, safe and 100% natural anti-aging supplement. It is made from all natural ingredients. The best thing about this anti-aging pill is the presence of ...

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Dr. Oz Unveils The New Fountain of Youth


The use of products containing phtyoceramide is not new in certain parts of the world such as Japan. Recently, the world-famous health expert, Dr. Oz has unveiled a new and amazing anti-aging formula in the United States. This formula contains phytoceramides, which is a plant-based lipid molecule. It is an important element that plays a vital role in a healthy ...

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Anti-Aging: Two Chemical Compounds Revitalize Skin

Ladies 50 more1

There is literally a plethora of different types of anti-aging products on the market. Manufacturers of these products make big claims, but only a few of these products are effective and produce results. If you are worried about your aging skin and you are looking for a safe and natural solution, Dr. Oz has recently introduced a new and exciting ...

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Health: One Fruit Supports Weight Loss with Anti-Aging

Garcinia Cambogia pic 2

Dr. Oz is an authentic name in the field of health. Recently, he has unveiled a miracle product, which is made from a fruit. It has anti-aging and weight loss benefits. This dual power of this one fruit has made it the center of attention in the United States. It is true that more and more individuals are opting for ...

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Super Fruit Promotes Weight Loss and Anti-Aging

Garcinia before-and-after-diet-pic-3

Aging brings many challenges. One of them is health issues and dull and wrinkled skin, particularly those issues that are related to obesity or being overweight. You have to be extra careful about your health and skin as you age. It is true that aging and excess fat can be a very tough challenge for many women out there. If ...

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Rural doctors learn from Alberta disaster at Banff course

A firefighter works a burnout operation on the north flank of the Fontenelle Fire outside Big Piney, Wyoming

Rural doctors of Canada are in Banff this weekend up till Saturday to discuss disasters, with the two recent examples in Alberta on the agenda. The Rural and Remote Medicine Course ,run by the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, gives rural doctors the chance to come together to share their stories of professional and personal challenges, including the 2011 Slave Lake ...

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Yoga Helps Save the Business World

yoga helps business

Chiyoko Osborne is the co-founder of Yoga Means Business which is a company aiming to help the corporate world people who are stressed and full of anxiety and gives their life a positive U-turn. Through the yogic concept of “let go”, she was herself able to release the thoughts that plagued her — worry and anxiety over big meetings, endless ...

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Northern beaches woman hailed as Australia’s Angelina Jolie

Australian Angelina Jolie

This is the story of Krystal Barter who was just 25 when she had both breasts removed to escape her “family’s cancer curse”. Now the 30-year-old northern beaches mother of three is being called Australia’s Angelina Jolie for her decision to have her fallopian tubes and one of her ovaries removed in order to reduce her chance of getting ovarian ...

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