Florida Real Estate: Company Offers Canadian Buyers


Florida real estate companies, looking to expand their business and to attract Canadian customers, have got a new medium of reaching out to Canadians.  Florida real estate agents now have a professional service to publicize and market their homes for sale, or rent in Canada, through advertorials published in key online newspapers. can boost the sale of Florida homes ...

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Public Utilities Exporting Privatization


by Scott Price WINNIPEG—Manitoba Hydro International (MHI), a wholly-owned international subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro, is taking part in a controversial deal to ultimately privatize Nigeria’s publicly-owned power utility. MHI will manage the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) for a period of three years under a management contract with the government of Nigeria and the Bureau of Public Enterprises. MHI was ...

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Canada’s transformation under neoliberalism


Even before that transformation began, Canada was hardly a model of inclusion, equality, and democracy. But in the latter years of the postwar expansion, Canada progressed both economically and socially. Living standards were improving quickly for most—fueled by rising real wages (which doubled in a generation) and a dramatic expansion of the social wage (including the introduction of national Medicare, ...

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Book Self-Publishing: Register Today for Online Course


You would have read about how works with aspiring authors to help them self publish their books. While the number of options for self publishing is huge, most of the wannabe authors finally shy away from self publication because they are not sure how the reception for their book would be. Contrary to the traditional mode of publishing, self ...

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Arizona real estate sales get Canadian boost logo 2

The Arizona real estate market has long been of ample interest for the buyers in Canada, and rightfully so. The overall environment, and lifestyle of Arizona is sure one of the most attractive in the world, and it is particularly for this reason that Canadians are so highly interested in investing in Arizona real estate. Real estate agents based in ...

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SEO: Six Stages to Boost Your Website


Your website is important because it the means by which you will let people know your products and services via promotion of your brand. It should create an impact on anyone who visits your site and act more of a sales person with the intention of increasing sales. Hire a professional to ensure your website design will be effective and ...

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SEO: How Does A Professional Service Function? logo 2

Advertising has been an inherent part of commerce since time immemorial and from billboards to TV jingles and Internet marketing one objective has always remained inherent to this activity. It was, it is and it always will be a bridge between the manufacturer and his customer. This logic is equally applicable to the Internet wherein advertising takes the form of ...

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SEO Strategy: Unique 6-Stage Approach Boosts Websites


So you have your website online and you want it to become more visible in Google search. has the solution for you in the form of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Wondering what’s new in this solution? It’s the way they work on your website is how they create a difference. Exclusive Evaluation team at The best thing ...

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SEO and SEM: Six Stages to Boost Your Website

Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying Glass

As we all know that users do not like to click on many pages to find something, instead they tend to remaining on first or sometimes, second and third pages. So, your website needs to be ranked as higher as possible so that they can click on your site’s URL as well. So, let’s now discuss 6 stages of improving ...

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Regulator suggests Price Comparison Site for Payday Loans

A bus passes the Bank of England in the City of London

Could an independent and impartial comparison website help to inform borrowers of the true costs of their payday loans and any additional charges they may incur – such as penalties for late repayments? The Competition and Markets Authority seems to think so. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) The CMA has been investigating the payday lending business in Britain since June ...

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